I lost all the keys to my car; Can you help me?

We can come to your location (within our calling area), or you can have the vehicle towed to us. We will quickly and professionally cut and program brand new keys for your vehicle. We do not offer a towing service, however we can refer you to a reputable towing company in your area. Also, we will need proper proof of ownership of your vehicle when we come to your location. Proof of ownership in the State of New Jersey is a Photo Drivers License, along with one of the following three items; vehicle registration, insurance card or title to the vehicle, with names and addresses matching and no expired documents. If the vehicle you are driving is owned by someone else, please be prepared to have the owner contact us.

Do you cut and program customer provided keys?

Due to the poor quality of some aftermarket and internet supplied keys, LaBar's Lock Shop will test all keys that are brought to us for steel content and proper electronic components (if applicable). These harder keys can damage the internal components of your lock cylinders in your vehicle. We may be able to cut and program them depending on the individual key. We do not provide a warranty on these key, as we did not provide the product.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, all major credit/debit cards and ApplePay. We do not accept personal checks, but we do accept business checks.

Do I need to bring my car to you to have a duplicate key made?

Yes; in most cases the key will have a chip in it that will need to be programmed to the vehicle. We will need the vehicle present so that we can connect our diagnostic equipment to complete this process. Please bring any additional keys that you may have for your vehicle so that we can ensure that you leave our shop with all keys functioning properly.


Why should we use a licensed locksmith?

We are licensed, bonded and insured to not only protect ourselves but our customers as well. Using a licensed locksmith will ensure that a professional in the field is handling your matter. Please see the video on our 'Contact Us' page.

Do you sell safes?

We sell both fire safes and steel security safes, in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. If you need a special order safe, please let us know and we will order a safe that fits your needs and specifications. We are unable to deliver safes at this time due to insurance regulations, however we can arrange for the safe to be drop-shipped directly to your door. We can, in most cases, bolt down your safe once you have placed it in its final location.


Do you cut/originate motorcycle keys?

Yes we do! However, this is a service that is provided at our location only. If you are able to bring us a lock, such as the ignition from the bike, we can originate a key to that lock. If you need a towing company to bring your motorcycle to us, we will be glad to recommend someone in your area. If you simply need a duplicate key, just bring us your original key and we will quickly duplicate as many keys as you would like.

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